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A Mother-Daughter Relationship Essay

The publication had the rarest of chances and of course, a bit of luck, to have the honor of reading from Mrs. Jane Bingley excerpt at her house near Longbourn. We have come to speak with the former Ms. Bennet about her mother, who sadly passed away five years ago after a period of ill health. After being supplied by a generous amount of tea and sweets, Mrs. Jane Bingley was more than accommodating. She had welcomed us graciously into her home and had agreed a few weeks before to conduct this interview. Clearly, there were some unresolved issues before their mother’s death. I asked whether there were some specific issue. Yes, the whole affair was a fiasco. Men came strolling down our lawn, some high-society people, right old snobs by the way, and of course my mother, who I daresay was in the middle of it all. Indeed, it was quite a fiasco for the Bennet family. Miss Jane Bennet-Bingley was the eldest of five children of the Bennet family. Their mother, as she narrates, was highly-obsessed with the idea of accomplishing her self-sworn duty to see all her daughters to get married. She used to send my sisters and me to social gatherings, and such. It was the popular thing to do back then and consequently became a symbol of social stature. We were just middle-class, or more appropriately, preferred to linger between in the middle with menial social associations. This proved to be a factor toward their marriages which, by some sort of instances, was provoked by a high-class society member: the late Lady Catherine. She was arrogant, just like any aristocrat back then. She especially gave my sister, Lizzy (Elizabeth) a hard time since her husband was a nephew of hers. She did not want some sort of low-class society girl with his well-bred nephew. But then, the way things turned out surprised everybody, including me. About my mother’s personality (with expression of momentary soft happiness), I did not hate nor despise my mother. My father would probably scorn at the thought, but then again, my father talked little. He cared for us and for the family very much but he would just sit sometimes in his study and let our mother do all the talking. Mrs. Bennet was a woman of mean understanding, little information, and uncertain temper. When she was discontented, she fancied herself nervously. The business of her life was to get her daughters married; its solace was visiting and news (Austen). Mrs. Bennet’s proudest moment would be the marriage of her two daughters, Jane and Elizabeth, to both respectable and hard-working men. We had our own marriage. My mother did not have any part of it; though I like to think that she did try to impress upon everybody else that she did have a part of it â€Å"on our marriage†. She was always fussy, kind to people, especially our husbands. She tried everything to put us in our good name, just to get married. Indeed, the social status during Mrs. Bingley’s time was centered on the idea that women had only one goal in their lives—that is, to get married. Quite ludicrous actually; in changing times, the status of women have elevated to a more distinguished level. But my mother, if she were alive today, would not understand that. Mrs. Bingley, according to their narration, lived for the purpose of seeing her daughters married without any preamble or consideration for their feelings. Her obsession for marriage blinded her real nature. She was a good mother though; she never failed to uphold her duty as my father’s wife or our mother. I was indeed surprised that my father did not react in such a way that he was displeased with my mother’s behavior back then. But I suppose it was really just her nature to be so. To summarily put forward a remark, I did not like the way my mother handled our affairs when she was still alive. She often embarrassed us and the family with her superfluous attempts of raising the name of the family even though it wasn’t needed. She was much concerned with the way we compose ourselves that she had started to ignore her own behavior. She acted like most mothers would do, though in a different case. And if she did not do what she did, I might still be single anyway. We loved her and we still do. Reference Austen, J. (1995). Pride and Prejudice.

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Nike Inc. Financial And Profitability - 2053 Words

Economic, Financial Profitability In 1962, Blue Ribbons Sports was established by Bill Bowerman Philip Knight, became Nike, Inc. on May 30,1972. Nike, Inc. established the Nike swoosh logo and the â€Å"Just Do It† trademark. Nike. Inc., is one of the largest publicly traded sportswear, athletic shoes apparel company with revenues of $19 billion in 2010 (3). NIKE, Inc. headquartered is located in Beaverton, Oregon. NIKE, Inc. sells merchandises through distributors, licensees, and subsidiaries in 120 countries globally. NIKE, Inc. has experienced generous amount of financial and marketing success since the 1960s (Wokutch, 2008). This why I chose Nike Inc., (NYSE: NKE) because of the substantial growth throughout the years. Nike is one of the most successful sporting goods companies across the world and a well-known brand that sells merchandise globally. NIKE, Inc. recognized an opportunity in the challenging economic environment, to rebuild the company strengths and pursue other potential by taking on partnerships with Cole Haan, Converse, Hurley, NIKE Golf and Umbro. This opportunity brought NIKE, Inc. more than: †¢ $2.5 billion in revenue, which shows a 5% increase from direct to consumer, †¢ 12% in online sales, †¢ Gross margins increase of 46.3 % in 2015, †¢ Generated $2.8 billion in free cash flow from operations, and †¢ NIKE, Inc. have over $5 billion in cash and short-term investments (2). NIKE, Inc. Return on Equity (ROE) is measured as: Net Income / TotalShow MoreRelatedNike Inc. : Financial And Profitability1822 Words   |  8 PagesEconomic, Financial Profitability In 1962, Blue Ribbons Sports was established by Bill Bowerman Philip Knight, became Nike, Inc. on May 30,1972. Nike, Inc. established the Nike swoosh logo and the â€Å"Just Do It† trademark. Nike. Inc., is one of the largest publicly traded sportswear, athletic shoes apparel company with revenues of $19 billion in 2010 (3). NIKE, Inc. headquartered is located in Beaverton, Oregon. NIKE, Inc. sells merchandises through distributors, licensees, and subsidiaries inRead MoreEssay about Nike Financial Ratio Executive Summary1447 Words   |  6 PagesNIKE, INC.: Executive Summary Financial Statement Ratios According to Nike’s SIC number (3021), the company is classified in the â€Å"rubber and plastic footwear† industry. Relying upon this information Mergent Online identified the following American companies as competitors to Nike: †¢ Columbia Sportswear Company Annual Revenue $ 1,483,524,000 †¢ Deckers Outdoor Corporation Annual Revenue $ 1,000,989,000 †¢ Crocs, Inc. Annual Revenue $ 789,695,000 †¢ Bakers Footwear Group AnnualRead MoreNike Case Study1542 Words   |  7 Pagesthe stocks of Nike for the fund that she manages. †¢ Ford should base her decision on data on the company which were disclosed in the 2001 fiscal reports. While Nike management addressed several issues that are causing the decrease in market sales and prices of stocks, management presented its plans to improve and perform better. †¢ Third party sources also gave their opinions on whether the stock was a sound investment. WACC CALCULATION: Cost of Capital Calculations: Nike Inc Cohen calculatedRead MoreWorking Capital Strategis Essay examples1405 Words   |  6 PagesAbstract The following content provided will include information regarding Nikes Inc. cash management strategies, which will include more in depth information from the previous group paper. In addition, working capital recommendations will be provided to senior management base on next year’s in the pro-forma financial statements. Working Capital Strategies Paper Financial statements are a vital factor of any business organization; they show where a company’sRead MoreThe Financial Fitness Of Chester, Inc.1200 Words   |  5 PagesThis report is designed to provide an evaluation of the financial fitness of Chester, Inc. through the creation and analysis of a full set of financial statements. Methods that will be used to analyze the income statement, balance sheet and statement of cash flows include: horizontal and vertical analysis, ratio analysis and comparison to competitors and the industry. All calculations used to create the financial statements and analyze them can be found in the appendix of this document. A list ofRead MoreWhy Investing Of Nike Stocks Essay1697 Words   |  7 Pages Why Invest In Nike Stocks? Stephen Lane Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Why invest in Nike stocks? Over the last 10 years’ gym memberships within the United States have increased from 41.3 million to 54.1 million. The biggest trend over the last few years is becoming fit, more and more each day people are finding ways to live fit and healthier lifestyles. From eating the right nutritional foods, working out and people just wanting to follow the latest and greatest trendsRead MoreThe Under Armour, Inc., And The Adidas Group1634 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction This analysis of the Under Armour, Inc., and its subsidiaries is depicted in the paper; Under Armour and its subsidiaries develops, markets, and distributes branded performance apparel, footwear, and accessories for men, women, and youth primarily in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Asia-Pacific, and Latin America. The company is in direct competition with Nike, Inc. and The Adidas Group. Therefore, this paper will further attempt to evaluate the pressure exertedRead MoreA Portfolio Managers Analysis of Nike Inc. Essay1029 Words   |  5 Pagesdecision to make while looking at Nike Inc. financials: whether Kimi should buy Nike shares or not for the fund Group she was working for. Kimi needed to consider all aspects of Nike Inc. financial position. On July 28,2011 Nike Inc. held a analyst’s meeting to disclose their fiscal year 2001 as well as to revitalize the company who wasn’t performing well. Thus, the meeting showed that Nike Inc. experienced some difficulties during the past years. First, Nike Inc. revenues have reached a plateau sinceRead MoreSocial Responsibility in Stakeholder Theory1509 Words   |  7 PagesTable of Contents 1. Introduction 2 2. Social responsibility in stakeholder theory 3 2.1 Why social responsibility? 3 3. Limitations 4 4. Case study examples: Starbucks amp; Nike 4 5. Conclusion 5 6. References 6 7. Appendixes 9 Appendix A 9 Appendix B 10 1. Introduction This report focuses on social responsibility issue focusing on stakeholder theory. Social responsibility will be introduced and defined based on stakeholder theory. Next, analysis on the importance and limitationsRead MoreNikes Long Term Financial Goals938 Words   |  4 PagesHow important is it for the financial managers of Nike Inc. to use economic variables in identifying long term financial goals? For Nikes business model to continually flourish and stay profitable, the senior management team and strategic planners must continually monitor short, intermediate and long-term economic factors that will affect their operations. Nikes business model is heavily dependent on supply chains, as the majority of their products are manufactured in Asian nations, either in

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Speech On Appropriate Behavior And Actions For Social...

Where is the line drawn when speaking about appropriate behavior in relation to actions taken place to initiate social change? That question is one I will be looking more in depth and through the use of modern controversial issues, such as the Colin Kaepernick situation and public memory, I will further the understanding of how those issues bring about a positive or negative change. The ability for change and the freedom to speak and act on your will is a major theme and a cornerstone for this country, but on a moral standpoint one must take into account when it is appropriate to bring about these changes and whether or not they are bringing about a social change. First it is important to fully understand what is meant by appropriate behavior and actions for social change. Sam O’Connell uses two examples of benefit relief concerts, one being America: A Tribute to Heros and the other A Concert for Hurricane Relief, so that we can make our understanding of appropriate behavior and actions for social change more clear. Then he addresses if those concerts actually achieved their goal, or not. The main purpose of these concerts is to raise money and awareness for the victims of the catastrophes. Yet, by the actions of certain individuals the Hurricane Katrina concert doesn’t really seem to achieve its goal but instead an individual uses that opportunity to speak out and make claims that encompass a much larger group of people transitioning the attention away from the HurricaneShow MoreRelatedSpeech Communities1429 Words   |  6 PagesMerriam-Webster Dictionary a speech community is defined as a socially distinct group that develops a dialect; a variety of language that diverges from the national language in vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar. Gumperz, Dorian, Fishman, Labov, Hymes, and Corder helped define a speech community. This essay will touch on the basis of multiple aspects of a speech community depending on their similarities and differences as well as how the concepts of these speech communities relate to such articlesRead MoreAnalysis Of Book, Thinking, Pictures, Opened The Door That Revealed The True Aspects Of Autism1320 Words   |  6 Pagesunique characteristic that is a compliment to society. To break apart from society’s stereotype on autistic individuals, Temple focused her book on issues such as how her disorder was initially misdiagnosed, her issues with learning acceptable behavior and social cues, her connection with animal minds, sensory sensitivities, and explored the possible treatments with medication. Temple introduced the readers into the discovery of this disorder by recalling the illness that she was misdiagnosed with.Read MoreStudent Code Of Conduct And Employee Handbook867 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction In the wake of the suicide of 12-year old Celeste Willis in 2013, a result of alleged cyberbullying, Beaufort Country School District has taken proactive steps towards de-escalating cyberbullying in their schools. Willis was bullied on social media networks: Facebook, and Instagram, and video-sharing website YouTube. Despite her family monitoring her Internet activities neither her parents nor friends were aware she used a pseudonym on Tumblr until after her passing where repeated threatsRead MoreHow Autism Spectrum Disorder Affects Students Reading Comprehension1261 Words   |  6 PagesChildren with Autism take longer to pick up on social cues and have tough time reading what others are thinking and feeling. They have difficulty construing emotions and facial expressions of others as well. Children with Autism often experience developmental delays in speech. More severe cases of Autism can have an affect in the individual’s ability to communicate, so the use of communicatio n systems such as sign language, electronic word processors, and speech generated devices are beneficial (AutismRead MoreEducational and Psychological Assessment1283 Words   |  6 PagesAssessment of Behavior (FAB) Functional Assessment of Behavior (FAB) is a method of identifying the variables associated with the occurrence of a behavior. It involves noting down the events that either precede or follow the behavior and the environment or setting that the behavior occurs regularly. FAB has been used by individuals as a problem solving method to help people with chronic behavior problems. It is built on the assumption that the individual repeats the behavior for a purposeRead MoreSocial Communication And Rehabilitation Of Adolescents With Traumatic Brain Injury1216 Words   |  5 Pages Social Communication and Rehabilitation of Adolescents with Traumatic Brain Injury Introduction Adolescence, the time between puberty and adulthood, is marked by a shift toward greater reliance on the peer group that the family, resulting in a greater need for more complex social communication. It is also the age group which reports the highest incidents of traumatic brain injury (Turkstra, 2004). One could surmise the many reasons for this – increased risk taking or increased participationRead More Political Correctness or Freedom of Speech Essay1475 Words   |  6 Pagescorrectness (PC) has infringed on our freedom of speech by assuming that the populace is too ignorant to realize what appropriate speech is. This term is now as common in our society as the term, ‘freedom of speech’. It is incomprehensible how these two words have had such an effect on the manner in which our society communicates. The trend casts a negative view on our society by letting political views determine what is appropriate in our social sector. Political correctness, as applie d in today’sRead MoreDivision of Social Classes through Language: George Bernard Shaws Pygmalion1183 Words   |  5 Pagesdrawn out over the judgment of her poor speech and her value as a person as she constantly defends herself against their prejudice. Shaw uses Pygmalion to show how language shallowly reflects the importance of social classes within the Victorian era through the portrayal of characters, their conflicts, and transformation in the first act of the play. The characters introduced in the beginning of the play prove to illustrate the relationship between social classes and the expectations of eachRead MoreThe Importance Of Pragmatics1127 Words   |  5 Pagesto realize and utter socially appropriate language functions in discourse as well as linguistic or grammatical knowledge (Wolfson, 1989). According to Crystal (1985) â€Å"pragmatics is the study of language from the point of view of users using language in social interaction.† (p. 240). Yule (1996, p. 3) defines pragmatics as â€Å"the study of how more is communicated than is said†. Like other, Kasper (1997, p.1) defines pragmatics as â€Å"the study of the communicative action in its sociocultural contextRead MoreCognitive, Motor, And Social Emotional Skills799 Words   |  4 Pageswill examine cognitive, language, motor, and social-emotional skills (Burns, Dunn, Brady, Starr, Blosser, 2013). Each developmental tool used should be compatible with the age of the child; to ensure accurate results. The Receptive-Expressive Emergent Language (REEL) Scale can be used to address speech and language concerns. Tools used to assess emotional and social behavior include ASQ: Social Emotional (ASQ: SE), the Temperament and Atypical Behavior Scale (TABS), and the Infant-Toddler and Family

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Key Message Insights to be Gleaned from Babel, the Movie Free Essays

The two-fold message of Babel, a film by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, is human frailty and interconnectedness of lives. Most individuals tend to think that their actions are inconsequential, and often take people like family — along with other good things happening to them — for granted. In the least expected ways, people’s lives are intertwined. We will write a custom essay sample on Key Message Insights to be Gleaned from Babel, the Movie or any similar topic only for you Order Now Usually, though, as a culture communicates itself to others, barriers arise, impeding a real connection. The film likewise depicts that there are times when people behave irrationally, which may be part of human nature, and there will always be a point in time when people will experience Murphy’s Law, commonly understood as `Whatever can go wrong will go wrong, and at the worst possible time, in the worst possible way. ’ In such instances, people may be weighed down by misfortunes or tragedy, but in those instances, there are those who cling to each other for support. Notwithstanding the trauma, individuals made up of sterner stuff rise to the challenge. Most people, in the end, also own up to their mistakes and take responsibility for their actions as well as for their closest of kin or alliances. Human beings are not infallible, and may sometimes have little control over circumstances unfolding in their lives. Just as the Biblical meaning of the film’s title connotes (the Tower of Babel is referred to as a grandiose structure built by Noah’s descendants for their own glory, but divine intervention muddled up their tongue and they failed to understand one another’s speech, and ended up scattered across lands), Babel, the movie, features four interlocking stories where the characters experience some communicative barrier along with a sense of alienation from the rest of humanity, and are pushed to the edge. Every obstacle that the characters encounter, however, is presented as an opportunity to improve on the human condition. As such, Babel showcases how the human spirit can prevail over critical challenges or life-changing hurdles. Hope as a universal thing is clearly expressed. On the other hand, chaos as a constant element in the world is also highlighted. The presence of a gun throughout the movie’s main plot and subplots shows how a shot can create a ripple effect, trigger untold pain, and change the lives of its victims forever. It appears more like a symbolism of how guns can be misused. As each of the movie’s central characters embark on a journey of scars — in a remote setting in Morocco with its grazing lands and desolate tracts, and in another part of the world, Tokyo, with its resplendent yet lonely megalopolis — they see their lives unraveling, yet are unaware of the common thread running through them. In essence, human frailty and disillusionment are exemplified by Babel’s central characters — a couple traveling in Morocco in order to emotionally reconnect; a Mexican nanny who brings their children across the US-Mexican border without the parents’ permission to attend her son’s wedding; a herdsman and his two young boys; and a teenage deaf- mute desperately seeking attention from her father and friends in Tokyo. As fate would have it, a rifle ends up in the possession of a local herdsman who delegates to his young sons the task of guarding the family’s herd from jackals. While playfully testing the rifle’s capacity, the younger son of the herdsman accidentally shoots the lady-tourist, seriously injuring her. The ensuing events find the traveling couple’s nanny facing arrest and deportation for her unauthorized action; and the teenage deaf-mute enduring a dreary existence as social outcast. All these tormented souls attempt to soothe the pain and isolation they encounter as they wrestle with misfortunes and upheavals. The parallel crises take place simultaneously, and as the families deal with their respective hurdles, they pay a high price – with their soul, dignity, freedom and life. Overall, it is a good movie that insightfully depicts the human condition and how people will go to great lengths to survive or find elusive happiness or meaning in an imperfect world where actions have impact on others. Reference Inarritu, A. G. (Producer/Director). (2006). Babel. US: Paramount Pictures Corporation. How to cite Key Message Insights to be Gleaned from Babel, the Movie, Papers

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Labeling of Food Products

Question: Discuss about the Labeling of Food Products. Answer: Introduction Ethics is a field of knowledge, whose purpose is to deal with morals, disciplines related to a specified group, field or form of conduct. It is a method or a study that involves a systematic process, and recommendation for conducting any particular task or work. Ethics on labelling of food products help a buyer by suggesting that a product has particular qualities derived from its place of origin, or that it has certain social, environmental or nutritional credentials. Labelling on food products, helps a customer by guiding about the additives and preservatives included in the food product to make the food last longer, or to improve its taste and appearance. Ethical Issues The Australian Made Campaign Limited (AMCL), stated that Australian consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the origin of the food products they eat, and these concerns are mainly consisted of economics, health and safety, ethical and environmental factors. In the year 2000, Food Standard Council of Australia decided to do the labelling of food products. Choice thinks that consumers of the various food products have the right to know about their food products i.e. from where the product comes from. It also stated that country of origin food labelling is a priority concern for Australian consumers (Zealand, 2015). The Australian manufacturing Workers Union (AMWU) explained the value of the food products, as well as about the quality of the food products. Country of origin labelling is used as an important part of the safety and health information regarding food. The food ethics has an ability of determining the behavior of producers, manufacturers and retailers, and regula tors. Recently a debate was ignited in Australia over food labelling, due to a scandal. Food labelling should be done so that consumers are able to make informed decisions about their food consequences like health, ecological footprint and their food supply chain. Safety assessment is done of the all food products produced in Australia, before starting their sale in the market. Requirements for labelling of food products will vary from product to product. These requirements depend upon on other factors such as, where the product was grown, where it was packed etc. If any food product which is not produced in Australia, but the manufacturer claims it by images or words, that the product is produced in Australia, then it is an illegal task. (Australia, 2016). Business Problems regarding the current information on food labels is not meeting the actual expectations of consumers. Some business reported that some aspects of the framework are very tough and to use them is difficult, or we can say to follow them, looks impossible. To ensure that they are working according to the framework, sometimes they provide less information. The Australian government has tried to solve this problem, by providing more guidance material for industry and consumers. This consultation, regulatory impact statement discusses a number of issues which are like:- What information will satisfy consumers? How can businesses be more confident in using the claims? Hoe should the labelling of imported food be treated? What is the role of digital information? What activities may be required to increase awareness? The main motive is to provide more and more information to consumers about the products, while ensuring there are not undue costs to business and maintaining Australias trade obligations. A common wealth government is responsible for revising the label framework, some of them are:- The proposed changes to labels include, that the food products produced in Australia must have Australian logo. The food products must have a bar chart showing the proportion of ingredients. Consumers dont get the information they want regarding the food products and find the labels confusing because, the current labelling framework of Australia doesnt require businesses to provide all of this information. Current framework can be confusing and costly for business because, there are a number of expectations of business in relation to country of origin labelling. This framework consists of various Australian laws. Businesses have reported difficulties in applying the framework, including that some requirements are not necessary and government regulation is complex (FAO, 2015). Different conditions of the legislation related to country of origin labelling and are enforced by agencies at commonwealth and state and territory levels. For some food businesses, the current country of origin labelling is straightforward, flexible and does not impose significant costs. The framework does not require businesses to provide information on the proportion of Australian ingredients in a product, which consumers find an important key piece of information. The costs of interpreting and complying with the current framework can be difficult. Further, stakeholders have stated that, if substantial transformation were clarified, the 50 percent local production cost test would be unnecessary (Thompson, 1993). To satisfy the 50 percent production cost test, businesses must spend time learning about the requirements of the test. Then they have to apply that test to each of their affected products, and review each product to ensure that compliance with the requirement is maintained. There are various negative effects of buyer motives, some of them are as mentioned below:- Manufacturers have to invest a lot of money into testing of the products, which increases their manufacturing cost, depending on them grocers will also cost more. Food producer at the smaller level would feel the cost burden much more, and number of consumers decreases to buy products from those producers. Expenses of farmers and food producers will increase. Not following the national standard creates confusions in the publics mind regarding the food products. Therefore, the sale of that product is done in a state without following the various laws of labelling. Considerations Regarding Ethical Issues Revision of the current country labelling framework has the ability, to improve the information available to consumers and provides clarity for business. Consumers have reported that, labels on the food products are often hard to find and difficult to understand. For these types of issues, businesses must study that what type of information must be provided. There are no such requirements to study that how that information should look. Businesses should use different words and some use their own images. Some businesses have license to use the Australian made logo (the kangaroo in a triangle) to identify their products as Australian (Bates, Blair, Jerme, 2007). There are some types of food about which consumers are more value origin information, products are: - Fruit and vegetables Meat and meat products Dairy products Fruit and vegetable juices Flour products Bread Sugar Edible Oils Prioritization of food is based on personal values of consumers and is not necessarily indicative of quality, health and safety risks, relative size of the import market. Food labelling helps the consumers in deciding or selecting the food of their requirements, by providing them a lot of information related to that product. The various advantages of labelling are: - Food labels may tell consumers about the quality of the product. Method of using the product. Advantages and Disadvantages of the product. Risks due to misuse of the product. It tells about the place and method of manufacturing. Conclusion Labelling on food products is important for the consumers, because labelling helps in the comparing between a large number of similar products. It tells us about various properties of the products that are on sale to the public. Labelling of food products includes nutritional information which helps consumers to check which food they elect to purchase. The specifications relating to allergens are well described. Labelling laws help the consumers to move in a direction which is good for them, further making it important for the companies to provide various selections for fear of losing business. One of the best systems is the GDA system. GDA system provide consumers with a lot of information about their food products and helps them to understand the measure of their food products. Therefore, we can say that labelling of food products effects positively on buyer motives now a days. Bibliography Australia, C. o. (2016). Current issues: New food labelling laws. Current issues: New food labelling laws. Retrieved from Bates, T., Blair, A., Jerme, E. (2007). Executive Summary from the Genetically Modified Organism Exploratory Committee. Executive Summary from the Genetically Modified Organism Exploratory Committee. Retrieved from FAO. (2015, April 19). Food labelling can provide consumers with the information they need and desire to make food choices. Retrieved from Thompson, P. B. (1993). Ethical Issues Facing the Food Industry. Texas AM University, Center for Biotechnology. Retrieved from Zealand, F. S. (2015, December). Labelling: Food standards. Labelling: Food standards. Retrieved from

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Economic Statistics Essays - Consumer Theory, Demand,

Economic Statistics 1. Traffic Congestion If a city council faces severe problems with traffic congestion, a knowledge will benefit all parties. It is this I will debate in the lines to come. When traffic is a problem in a city, all sorts of means of transportation can be included, but it is mainly cars which seem to be the problem. Therefor raising gasolin prices (by putting an extra tax on them) should instinctively reduce car usage, seeing that costs for the driver would go up. This is though only the case, if demand for gasolin is inelastic (fig. 1). Here a tax on gasoling has moved the supply curve to S2 and the price to P2, which has lead the quantity demanded from Q to Q2. The difference between Q and Q2 is the essential of the diagram, and it is clear that there has only been a very little decrease in quantity demanded. On fig. 2 demand is elastic, and again a tax on gasolin has been introduced, moving the supply curve to S2 and incresing the price to P2, which then has decreased the quantity demanded to Q2. Here the difference on quantity is great. It is now easy to conclude that if demand for gasolin is inelastic, almost the same will be bought, and there will be hardly any decrease in traffic congestion. If demand is elastic, quantity demanded will go down and so will caruse in general leading to a fall in traffic congestion in the city centre. 3. Gondomar and Bayona If maximum growth rate is a desired goal, the proportion a country spends on consumer goods or investment is highly relevant. In the following I will outline the differences between the two countries Bayona and Gondomar. Gondomar has chosen to have a high proportion of its N.I. spend on investment. If this investment goes into factories and businesses, the investment could turn out to benefit Gondomar in a very positive way. N.I. will go up, and therefor the average GDP pr head will go up as well. This leads to better standard of living. Drawbacks which must also be kept in mind is worsening of nature, pollution, and other external social costs the society will have to live under. Bayonas approach is much more passive, in the sense that she does not strive to achieve growth in the same way as Gondomar. The spending on money here is mainly spend on consumption, which means the economy is more focused on import. If relatively is being produced, N.I. will go down and standards of living will go with it. Overall it is clear that a policy which focuses on investment rather than consumption, is more likely to benefit on long terms. 4. National Income Several problems occur when trying to meassure national income. Even if many factors have to be considered before arriving at a result. The first problem which comes to mind, when considering problems, is the fact that the data collected could easily be unexact. For example is there a very large informal sector in many underdevoped countries. This informal sector includes everything from theft to prostetution. All of this activity is very difficult to anthing but an estimate of. The informal sector does not include farmers providing for themselves, but this is also unrecorded, and should not be left out, when calculating N.I. Meassuring bread which is sold, is realtively easy, while services and certain commodities, usually within the public sector, do not have a price. Here productivity will tend more to an estimate, than an excact value, when adding this number up to N.I. Finnally when the N.I. has been added up, there is a final problem. N.I. is usually only helpful when used to compare with other countries economy, and therefor the various N.I.'s have to be exchanged on paper to a common currency (usually the dol lar) for better comparison. Here the value of N.I. will natuurally vary according to the exchange rate, and not the productivity. Concludingly, it should be stated that all of the above vritirias should be met when calculating N.I. if a correct figure is desired.