Friday, January 31, 2020

Thomas Hobbes Leviathan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Thomas Hobbes Leviathan - Essay Example This essay stresses that coping with the state of nature for both the artificial and natural human requires adaptability in coping with interactional challenges, in addition to moral challenges. Nature is considered sovereign as it is the art of God’s creation and governing of the world. Interaction with nature, therefore, requires some adaptability and coping skills for both the natural and artificial man. The artificial and the natural humans must adhere to certain conditions provided by the natural law for easier interaction and/or coping. Hobbes describes the artificial human or commonwealth as sovereign over the natural man, contrary to the fact that the natural man is considered sovereign over other artificial things. This paper makes a conclusion that the statement is misguiding due to the clear relationship between the divine, civil and natural laws. The natural law is all-inclusive to the human species, with God as the sovereign power or authority. The moral law of nature provides the human with character transformation and adaptability, happiness, virtues, and the imperatives and moral obligation of good and evil, for the good of the human. Hence, there is a clear difference and distinction between natural justice and the legal conventions of both the natural and artificial man. The critics to Hobbes’ work, such as Gauthier, are a clear indication of the discrepancies and contradictions in his work, and lack reliable evidence to support his conclusions and perceptions on the natural law.

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